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First-in-UK Promac Sharav 5-axis machine for KS Composites

While it may be located in rural Leicestershire, Melton Mowbray-based KS Composites is a global player in the design and manufacture of composite and GRP components, along with the mould tools required in their manufacture. As part of its ongoing investment programme to keep it at the forefront of its industry it identified a requirement for large five-axis machining capacity. Its choice of machine is the Promac Sharav GVT 3.5 / Large capacity, high performance, high accuracy, five-axis moving bridge milling centre supplied by Lemoine (UK

“As the UK agent for Promac S.A.S (Italy) we are proud to have sold, and installed, the UK’s first Promac Sharav machine to KS Composites,” says Chris Mayne, Managing Director, Lemoine (UK). “This new machine will provide KS Composites with high performance three- and five-axis contouring capability, coupled with high accuracy for all machining applications in steel, aluminium, composites and resin model board. While providing such high performance and accuracy, Promac has also created an exceptional machine with a competitive price.”

In developing the Sharav series of machines Promac has engineered them to a high specification with, as standard, a Heidenhain iTNC 530 CNC control, laser tool probing, optical linear coded scales and a continuous automatic two-axis milling head incorporating patented high torque drive system (2000 Nm torque per axis), all of which help to future-proof the machine.

Other features of the machine are its 32-position tool changer (up to 100 positions as an option), coolant/swarf management system, double drive gantry system for the moving bridge and massive 3500 mm (X) 4000 mm (Y) and 1500 mm (Z) axis strokes, making the machine ideal for the work being undertaken by KS Composites, ranging from the chassis of a Le Mans car to the skin of a train, or from ski bindings to the restoration of a historic sports car.

“Promac has a reputation for designing machine tools in close collaboration with its customers,” says Chris Mayne. “The result is a range of machines that are both specific and generic, meeting the needs of sectors such as mould and die, aerospace, energy, precision prototyping, as well as those of customers engaged in general and complex production machining. This same philosophy of working with customers was applied when developing the Sharav series, which can be configured for different dimensions to suit a customer’s needs and with a range of accessories that provide maximum flexibility and productivity.”

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